Clay Modeling

Clay Modelling has always been an interest for me. As a child I played with plasticine and wet mud to create shapes. This finally led to an interest in working with 'Fire Clay' where permanent setting of the figure is possible. All models were made using 'Fire Clay'.They were moulded and baked in a kiln at a temperature of 200* C to retain final shape.


Clay sculpture of a crocodile measuring 5" in length. A close encounter with a croc during a visitto the zoo inspired me to make this one.


One of Disney's greatest classic of all time, Dumbo is the timeless inspirational tale of courage,loyalty and triumph. A 2.25" x 1.5" X 1.75" replica.


A pendant manifestation of the sun. Twirls of clay laid out across borders to accentuate effect of emanating sun rays. Approximate radius - .75", thickness -.0.5".


A clay tablet 3.5" x 2.25" embellished to sculpt the famous Cinnabar Hawk Owl found in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


A 1.5" x 1" sculpture of a duck.