Entertainment Technology Center, Pittsburgh

Fall 2006

The goal of the Experimental Gameplay Project is to find new ways of interacting with gamespaces by rapidly prototyping a series of ideas.

Experimental Gameplay

Theme based mini-game prototypes created every 6 days.

Each game is a product of one person: one individual to design, code and create artwork.

Games developed on an OpenGL/C++ platform.

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Spring 2005

Level Designer on Hazmat Hotzone - a networked simulation that uses video game technology to train first responders in tackling hazardous situations. This a joint initiative between Carnegie Mellon University, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) and Microsoft.


Design and integrate an environment for specific scenario generation using the Unreal Editor.

Procuring motion capture data and using it for realistic civilian animations.

Implementing particle effect systems for fog, gas and vapor visualization.

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Fall 2004

Fulfilled the role of a Programmer and Producer on inter-disciplinary teams to build desktop and immersive (head mounted display) worlds over 2 week periods using Disney's Panda3d engine and the Python programming language, as part of the Building Virtual Worlds course.


Developed a collaborative 4 player call-and-response game emulating 'Simon'.

Programmed for improved game-play with an additional 12 cues over the original Simon game.

Ported onto the Jam'O'drum. To learn more visit www.jamodrum.net

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Built an interactive VR (Virtual Reality) experience with a film-noir theme to exercise subtle control over user.


Handled asset production, programmed with Disney's Panda3d engine and allocated responsibilities.


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Designed for naive guests immersed in a virtual world to help one character afraid of the other.


Motion tracking for an actual broom was implemented and translated to vicarious sweeping movement.


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